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New years day came round and the 10:30 am ride that I had so enthusiastically arranged the night before while under the influence of Balvenie didn’t seem one of my best ideas, but I got dressed supped an espresso and headed of to the meet point……..
Not a sole in sight and it was raining. So I hung around for a bit feeling pretty rough and deciding whether to bin it in favour of more sleep.

“No” I said and headed around to see how many people I could rouse from there pits.
Straight round to Robs and found him just up and fitting fenders to his moonlander, looks like we’re on after all
So with everyone ready we eventually got on the offload at about 11:30 ish we headed out and down the Spey towards Boat of Garten. Where I got to have a shot on Robs bike, my first impression were “wow this is heavy” but almost instantly that was replaced with “wow this thing is awesome, more traction than a traction engine and the feeling of being able to ride ‘anywhere’ maybe not at top speed but hey who cares
Any how we pressed on and hangover began to kick in. We… Me decided toto head off track and ride as the crow flies towards home(fine for the moonlander and pugsley amongst us but not so for the rest.
Finally hitting a fire track we pootled home to roast beef and all the trimmings.
Very smug as I rode through town seeing people doing the next day walk of shame and me feeling by now on form.
Riding bicycles is really quite good

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