Cairngorm snowbiking discoveries

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Yesterday Shirls (aka Shirley the Surly or the Pug) & I carved our first ever snow turns – lovely big swoopy ones all the way down a pristine snowfield, just like they do in all the ski vids- YES, you read right…carved snow turns…on a bike…in Scotland. Beautiful.

Fear ye not though, it was definitely still Scotland as I couldn’t see to the end of my handlebars to take a picture of said turns ‘cos of the clag 🙂

I also discovered that the Endomorph is definitely NOT a tyre for Scottish snow.

Oh, and that I need lower gears for plugging through the slush on the way up. Or perhaps just stronger legs.

And then there’s the postholing- just how can the Pug trundle up stuff but when I get off, I find myself waist deep in snow? How does that work?

Horizons well and truly widened. Like they say, every day’s a school day. Pug works!

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