Spring has Sprunged

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So then – nearly all the snow has melted, the ski centres are crying into their pints, it’s time to put the snow bikes to bed.  No way!  The Surly Moonlander has now been heavily modified for dirt use by, er, well, pumping the tyres up to a heady 9psi, and, that’s it really – oh, and a smaller sleeping bag!

There were a few trails that we wanted to check out, to modify one of our routes, and a link with no marked path to look at.  We put together a two day route and headed off ready for a bit of adventure.  Oftens these exploratory missions can be fruitless slogs with little or no useful trails to be found, but every now and then you hit jackpot.  This is what we found (it is a bit of a trail geeks film I’m afraid, and yes it is speeded up) –

Where is it?  Answers on a postcard, or on a new Big Fat Larry, please.

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