Silva PAVE bicycle light reveiew

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Silva Pave Bike Light
                                             550 lumen output and only 50 grams in weight                

The Pave is Silva’s top of the range light designed specifically for bikes. The Silva Pave is ultra lightweight, compact and astonishingly bright.
Powered by 2 ultra bright LED bulbs the Pave delivers 550 lumens of output, and thanks to Silvas Intelligent Lighting system the light is directed to exactly where it is needed.
The light can be easily mounted on the handlebars of your bike, or if you prefer on top of your helmet. Mounting the light is a simple process that needs no extra tools, as it is all done with the integrated rubber strap that comes with the light.
The Silva Pave comes supplied with an externally rechargeable battery pack, which can be easily mounted on the frame of your bike. The Pave has also been designed with cold weather in mind, as all of the controls and adjustments can be carried out while wearing gloves. 
Our Verdict
  • Having used exposure lights for donkeys years I thought going back to the faff of wires and batteries would be to much, but I was wrong this light is faff free, It take 10 seconds to attach and 2 to take off.
  • Ultralight weight.
  • Battery life survived some blinking cold rides around  minus 10  and I didn’t notice much reduction in burn time.
  • Astonishingly powerful on full power mode. 550 lumen output. With 2 hours 30mins  battery life.
If you need a lightweight powerful bike light then this is the one to get. At only 50 grams and with a 550 lumen output the figures speak for themselves. Not the cheapest bike light available, but with excellent build quality and its amazing specs you wont be disappointed..
Silva Pave Bike Light Product Features
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Attaches to Handlebars or Helmet
  • Easy to attach / detach (when going to the pub for post ride pint)
  • Large on / off button

Stuff we would like to see as an option
  • Silva do a Running version of this light with a elastic headband, we would like this head band to available aftermarket as we at come from a bit more of an adventure slant and the option to wear the light around the campsite appeals.
  • Another option that would be amazing would be the option of a battery pack that takes standard batteries, this would mean on prolonged tours finding new power would be easier.

Silva Pave Bike Light Product Specifications

Light modes
                                                                    Max, Min, Wide, Blink
Batteries / type
                                                                    2,5Ah 7,4V Li-ion
Discharge time                                               ( Max / Min / Wide / Blink )
                                                                   2h 30min / 10h /10h / 20h
Light distance 
                                                                   90 metres
Weight ( excl Batteries )
                                                                   50 grams
Bulb type
                                                                   2 x High power LED
Beam pattern
                                                                   Silva Intelligent Light
Temperature operating range
                                                                   -20°C –  –  + 60°C would like to thank Silva UK for enabling us to test this awesome new bit of kit.


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