A new year and a new adventure off the beaten path

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So its been a while since I penned anything on this here blog, but with the new year and new enthusiasm here I go. A quick look back at last year reveals a odd one, We found courses tough to sell? Our theory being that Packrafting is still at the ‘early adopters’ stage meaning it’s still a bit new and radical for the general person. We still whole heartedly believe in the brilliant adventure tool that is an Alpacka Packraft and the Adventures having one or lending/borrowing/hiring one can bring.

Talking of hire, we will be hiring Packrafts this year, keepem peeled for more info.

So courses in 2014 might take a bit of a back seat while we continue to grow our online store, selling lots of cool things that help you have amazing adventures. our continuing partnership with Revelate Designs Probably the best bikepacking gear on the planet. As well as Cumulus sleeping bags who sell brilliant valued and feature rich down sleeping bags designed for UK conditions. Also having just secured a partnership with Force ten tents and sleeping bags who have been making great gear for donkeys years. some of there new tents are making people sit up and look and listen with amazing weight and fully featured technical bits and bobs at a cracking price point to boot.

Having recently moved into new business premises, the future seems good and having got some good  no Great …….. Amazing news on monday this week concerning another partnership that will see us bringing some amazing gear to you adventure seekers, things are looking the best they have ever.
More on this very soon.
P.S super excited totes amazballs!!!

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