It doesn’t have to be gnarrr

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After all the excitement and exertions of the Highland Trail 550 we decided something gentler was in order this morning.

So, as the early morning commuters were heading out of Aviemore, we packed our rafts and headed down to the river Spey- a mere stone’s throw from the Backcountry Biking unit, but a whole world away.

This is where Alpackas packrafts really come in to their own- no travel, no car shuttle, no fuss. Just a wee wander and we were off down the river Spey with only the sand martins and ducks for company.

An hour or so later, we were making our way back through the local golf course, refreshed and ready for a day’s work. Fabulous. ‘Urban’ rafting at it’s finest. It really doesn’t have to be gnarrr….all the time.


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