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Confidence to Fix — Confidence to explore

The Revolution will be pedal-powered! But it will go smoother if you know your lockrings from your torx bits…

We love bikes because they’re an accessible, universal way to give your imagination some legs. We want to give as many people as possible the endless opportunities of moving and exploring by bike, and part of that is sharing the ability to be confident that your bike is safe to ride, and the skills to fix it when it isn’t. Our mechanics courses are delivered by trainers with the Velotech Platinum award and over a decade’s experience of fixing bikes in busy workshops and on the trails.

  • Bike mechanics isn’t just for keen fettlers: our Chains and Choobs course introduces you to bike checks and safety with no prior knowledge needed, but you’ll leave being able to check that your bike is safe to ride, fit the wheels, perform puncture repair and fix a broken chain.
  • The Wheel Truing Essentials breaks down techniques for truing and tensioning a wheel. A straight, evenly-tensioned wheel will run smoother, be stronger, and stay that way longer, so learning this skill will help you to keep on top of one of the most important components on your bike.
  • Stay tuned for more courses in future, including more in-depth home mechanics' courses, hydraulic brakes and suspension forks.

Wheel Truing Intermediate

Wheel Truing Advanced

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