back country biking

Here at Backcountry.Scot we specialise in biking on the mountains and natural trails  Scotland has to offer . We have 20 years of experience biking and adventuring throughout Scotland and were some of the first to gain the Mountain Bike Leader award.

There are not many places we haven’t been, and you would struggle to find anyone else in the outdoor industry who has more experience in multi-day bikepacking in Scotland. Our philosophy is Learning by doing so On our trips we let you get stuck in and help you out with making what you want to do easier, better and more polished.



We love all mountain biking adventures!

Our courses are not only designed to give you a one time adventure hit, but to equip and inspire you to get off the beaten path and start having adventures of your own.

We want to give you knowledge: bike knowledge, navigation knowledge, maintenance knowledge, bikepacking knowledge and the knowledge to make your own decisions in wild country. 

We can give the most basic of skills as well as the more advanced stuff that’s been stopping you clean that tricky climb or uber drop!  We also know that some of the skills are mental too. This isn’t cycle touring – it’s about the riding, we aim not to be anchored down by our kit, we want to be able to ride technical fun terrain.

So you’ve got some good bike skills but are wanting to move away from trail centres and undertake multi-day trips in wild terrain?

Look at our 2 day and 5 day back country courses: you’ll get to know about the gear you need and the extra skills to move away from the beaten path. One day, two day whatever you feel you need, we always start with a skills check and then set some outcomes for the course.

We would love to meet you if you’re just starting out on the mountain bike journey or maybe moving from road cycling or a simple bicycle commute.

bespoke adventures

Want something a little different? How about fat bike beach riding along some of Scotland’s most amazing coasts, finding new film locations, expedition planning or do you just have a rough idea for an adventure you would like help on?  Give us a call.

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