Alpacka Raft

The Alpacka Raft Series – Small (Alpaca), Medium (Yak), Large (Llama), Extra Large (Mule)

From a quick hike into your local river to epic traverses through the Arctic wilderness, the Alpacka Raft is time tested and proven as the highest performance, most versatile, most imitated and best selling packraft in the world. Our original model and namesake, we’ve designed the Alpacka Raft to be high performance, ultralightweight, and bombproof. The design incorporates 12-inch main tubes with an extended oversized stern and upturned bow that excels in any water, with outstanding tracking and speed for covering downstream and flatwater miles, and outstanding stability and maneuverability for ferrying, eddying, crashing over waves, and punching through holes in whitewater. Offered in multiple sizes and colors, as an open boat, or with the versatile Cruiser Deck, the high performance Whitewater Deck, or Self Bailing floor configuration, together with our innovative Cargo Fly internal gear storage system, you can customize your Alpacka Raft for any adventure.