Celtic Paddles

Celtic Paddles Ltd was formed for the manufacture of paddles specifically for the Intermediate to advanced paddler. In 2010 Celtic Paddles purchased Lendal paddles. Celtic Paddles now produces the Pro and Classic range. All the Pro range and most of the Classic range are manufactured in Wales. This takes place in the SKUK factory who also manufacture sea kayaks designed by Nigel Dennis. This enables us to design and manufacture a standard range of paddles with the option of customising if needed. Combining SKUK and Celtic Paddles in the same factory has given us access to a wealth of knowledge and experience in composite construction and practical on the water experience. In addition we have a sound working relationships with PRF. This along with input from Alistair Wilson has enabled us to role tubes to a high standard with the support of PRF’s laboratory helps us design and test new products.

We aim to manufacture tough reliable products. Fortunately we are in an ideal location on Anglesey and with the help of our sponsored paddlers to try and test new designs. This enables us to make alterations to both the specifications and designs and keep up with ever changing demands and developments within our sport.

Nigel Dennis has been involved within the industry for many years and has put together an impressive network of experienced retailers, expedition centres and expedition / performance paddlers. It is for this reason that we feel confidant that you will get reliable advice from our dealers before deciding on a paddle.

“The choice of paddle is as important as the kayak!” (Nigel Dennis)