CUMULUS was established in 1989, immediately following the transformation of the Polish political structure. It was founded by Zdzislaw Wylężek, a Gdynia mountaineering enthusiast and former employee of the co-operative organization “Sail”, a state tourist equipment manufacturer, operating during the previous political era. From the beginning, CUMULUS focused on clothing and down sleeping bags and had already established cooperation with the company Perseverance Mills, the producer of the excellent Pertex fabric (the brand later sold to the Japanese Mitsui), which we still use today.

Over a period of 27 years, CUMULUS has produced a variety of accessories over varying amounts of time, the longest of which was a period producing bags and bicycle accessories. However, we have always been known primarily for clothes and down sleeping bags which still constitute the most important part of our production. Currently, impressed by today’s possibilities of minimalizing the weight of outdoor equipment, our main goal is to have the lightest collection of down sleeping bags and clothing in the world. We are striving to achieve our goal through the use of lightweight fabrics and increasingly simple, minimalist solutions.

The company is developing robustly, which is proven by the fact that over the last six years we moved to larger premises four times. We now employ 19 people, and the number is still growing. In our plans, we are expanding our clothing line, not only with our new down products, but also with synthetic insulation. We invite you to visit our website to keep up-to-date with new developments.