Acepac Bike bottle bag Nylon

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Comes in Standard or Fat version. Standard works well for water bottles cans of coke etc while Fat ones will take a nalgene style containers…

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The main material used is Nylon (PU coating 1500mm H20), durable and light fabric. Clear lining inside the bag for easy orientation inside.

Adjustable position of velcro straps for fixation on handlebars and stem.

Nifco clip on  the bottom strap of the pannier (attachment to the crown of the fork).

The polypropylene straps have a rough structure and do not slip in the buckles.

Stressed seams are secured with the so-called Bartack stitch (zigzag), all threads used are Polyester with a large fiber diameter for maximum strength.

The bag can accommodate a standard cycling bottle or a Pinguin Tritan Slim bottle 650ml with a wide mouth. It can also be used to transport food or as an emergency bag for anything you need to always have on hand.

The bottle is not included in the package.


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