Alpacka Raft Patch-N-Go kit


We don’t boat without one.

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Patch-N-Go is amazing stuff! It’s a permanent patch that bonds to our urethane fabrics. Repair times can be as short as 10 minutes from drying the damaged part of your boat to getting back in the river. We carry both a Patch-N-Go Kit and a 3-foot roll of Patch-N-Go material.

The Alpacka Patch-N-Go kit comes in a waterproof 1 1/2″x3″ plastic tube, and contains:

  • 6″strip of 3″ wide patch-n-go adhesive tape
  • 2 alcohol swabs
  • Plastic scraper.

We highly recommend that you add a Patch-N-Go kit to your repair bag. These patches are quick, durable and can be legally carried on commercial aircraft. No glue is needed. The roll is great for long expeditions and sharing extra Patch-N-Go with friends, but not necessary for a basic repair kit.



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