Alpamayo Designs Bikepacking Gear Front Pocket

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An ‘add on’ to the front system, boosting storage capacity and allowing easy access to the stuff you’ll need during the day.


The design differs fundamentally from everything else out there. We wanted to make something completely waterproof, with a good-sized carrying capacity, yet super stable over the rough stuff.  It wasn’t easy, but doing things differently never is. Here’s why it rocks:


 Fully Waterproof


  • Stitched construction and zippers as used on other bags won’t fully protect your gear from getting wet in a downpour. Not a disaster, you just use dry bags, but this adds faff. We wanted a bag we could simply throw a camera, lenses, phone, notebook, extra layer and a Buff or two into, pack it out efficiently, quickly grab stuff when needed and not worry about anything getting damp, whether it be a river crossing or a Patagonian deluge.


  • Our system uses a heat-sealed waterproof liner, which sits inside a tough XPac and Cordura exterior. The bag also has a roll top style closure with a Hypalon reinforced cover flap. Belt and braces peace of mind to protect your mission critical gear.



Zipperless Construction


  • For a bag which see’s a lot of opening and closing, zipper failure will always be it’s Achilles heel, ask any expedition bikepacker.  No zipper = No worries.



Size & Stability


  • There’s nothing more frustrating than a bouncing front bag, but likewise you don’t something so small to be pointless. We think we’ve hit the sweet spot, providing a useful 5 litres of capacity and adopting a curved profile so that it’s a snug fit against the front dry bag, making for a very stable system.



Harness Integration


  • Designed to clip into the Harness, with straps able to be adjusted from both the top and bottom, you can really tension this thing on and be confident that it’ll stay in position no matter what you throw at it.




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