DeWidget Double Dangler

£16.50 Inc. VAT

This is retrofittable to your existing DeWidget,
It can be used stand alone too!

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The Feedbag Adaptor for the DeWidget replaces the lower ‘top hat’ part of any original DeWidget Gas Tank bag stabiliser.

It will allow the mounting of a left and right side Feedbag whilst retaining the rotating slot for a Gas Tank bag.

The two offset slots free you from wrapping velcro straps around today’s shorter stems. It also allows optimal range when turning the bars.

What Backcountry says: ‘It’s very much the case on modern bikes with long front centres and tiny stems, my stem is 35mm and really couldn’t effctivley run 1 feedbag let alone 2, without it being a mess or binding up the steering a little’


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