The Spin Project


Strathspey Pedal Initiative

The SPIN Project is BackcountryScot’s journey towards what we would like it to become — a community-focused force for good in Strathspey and beyond. Thanks to the Cairngorms Trust, this grant-funded project will build on our existing work promoting a circular economy, and help us to lower the barriers for people to ride bikes as a means of exercising, travelling to school or work, and learning new skills. Andy has always nurtured a vision of BackcountryScot as a community hub where people can connect and share knowledge and experience. We can’t build a community on our own though, so a central part of the SPIN Project is getting you involved! Check our social media for updates on what’s happening and how to get involved, or even better come and visit us at the shop for the inside line on current opportunities.

e-Cargo Trike Community Share

The first part of the SPIN Project is these amazing XYZ e-cargo Trikes, Frank and Shelley. Cars accounted for 78% of miles travelled in the UK in 2022, but do we really need to hop in the car for short journeys? Rather than replacing vehicle travel, cargo trikes offer an alternative for some journeys that is environmentally friendly, low-cost and also a heap of fun! Anyone can ride one and use it to transport far more gear than can be carried on your back or on a rack — maybe the weekly food shop, deliveries, picnic gear or SUPs and wetsuits? We provide the trike, and you provide the imagination.

  • The trikes are based at the BackcountryScot shop in Dalfaber, and are provided with fully-charged batteries. Multi-day hires are possible, on the understanding that the trike will be stored securely overnight (for multi-day hires a lock and charger are also provided).
  • There is an initial cost of £10 to sign up to the community share scheme. Members can help shape the the scheme, as we hope to provide more bikes/trikes, add-ons and options in the future.
  • After joining, it costs just £5 per day to hire a trike, with multi-day hires possible. The first hire will include an induction to make sure you’re safe and comfortable with how things work.

To get more information or to reserve a trike, please get in touch with, or call the Backcountry shop on 01479 811829.

‘Dr. Bike’

Initially, The SPIN Project will provide three popup ‘Dr. Bike’ sessions across Strathspey, in Boat of Garten, Kingussie and Grantown-on-Spey. These are free, openly accessible bike safety checks, staffed by qualified mechanics, which give peace of mind, advice and share some knowledge about how to check your own bike and how to keep it happy. When we see bikes that need a little more attention than we can provide on-site, we can advise about what work needs to be done, give a rough idea of likely costs, and point you in the direction of one of the many independent bike shops that we’re lucky enough to have here in Strathspey.

If you think that your school, youth group or organisation would benefit from a Dr. Bike Session, please get in touch on We aim to secure funding for more of these sessions in future!

Bike Re-use Scheme

We want to turn old, unused bikes into safe, affordable bikes for the community, but we need your help to do it! The SPIN Project’s bike re-use scheme relies on donations of bikes (or bike parts!) that our team of volunteers will help to service and refurbish, so that they can be sold safe and fully functioning at minimal cost. Refurbished bikes are sold on a ‘pay-what-you-can’ basis, and all proceeds are returned directly used to cover the costs of future refurbishments. Rather than go to waste, old bikes can make a huge difference to someone who finds the cost of a new bike out of reach. It also keeps more ‘stuff’ in circulation, reducing the amount of stuff going to landfill and reducing the need for more new stuff!

Want to get involved? Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate unused bike or bike parts at Backcountry’s shop in Dalfaber
  • Join our team! Get in touch to ask about volunteering opportunities, and learn some bike maintenance skills along the way
  • Tell people about us!

Get in touch on if you would like to donate items, join our volunteer team or ask for more information.