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Check & Tune £40

An M.O.T for your bike.

Gear and brake tune up Drivetrain, gears and brakes checked and adjusted if necessary.
Tyre pressures also checked and adjusted.

Chain, cables and external pivots on mechs and brake arms lubricated. Includes visual safety inspection and problem diagnosis.

Price includes safety inspection, minor adjustments and external lubrication only.
Does not include any cleaning, degreasing or any other repairs, parts fitting or adjustments.
Dirty bikes will need to be booked in for a Standard, or Super duper service.

Standard Service £80

Standard Service – Clean and adjust All the features of the basic service plus a bike clean including the drivetrain while on the bike. (Excessive muck will be charged extra £20)
Chain and cassette cleaned. Chainset and mechs also thoroughly cleaned and lubricated.
Chain, cables and external pivots lubricated.
Headset and bottom bracket, hubs checked greased and adjusted if required.

Full external visual safety inspection completed.

Price includes fitting any new drivetrain parts including chain, cassette, chainrings, mechs and gear cables where required.
Does not include the cost of any new or replacement parts.

Super Duper Service £160

Super duper Service Everything from all the other services but with a complete disassembly and rebuild.
Hubs, headset and bottom bracket inspected and disassembled, with bearings replaced as necessary.
All moving parts thoroughly cleaned, cable inners and outers replaced, brake fluid replaced. 1 Consider this the equivalent of an annual service, the closest thing to getting your new bike back!

1 – Price includes all replacement cables, brake fluid, loose ball bearings and any new parts fitting (except pivot bearing replacements and wheel building).
2 – Cost of new brake pads, cartridge bearings and other parts not included in servicing price.

Other Repairs £40 per hour Minimum charge 1/2 hour

We are more than happy to carry out other repairs and carry alot of spares, so we can hopefully squeeze you in and get you rolling again. We really need to see the bike to give you an idea of cost and time

Bike Wash £20

Bike Wash Just a simple cleaning service for your bike.
This is a really good clean for dirty bikes.

NOTE: Bikes brought in for other services which are in a particularly dirty state may require a bike wash prior to any other work.
If necessary this will be added to the service price.

Suspension Servicing

For Suspension servicing we can not recommend highly enough BCsuspenion

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