Alpacka Raft Extra Tiedowns


Unattached (install yourself) or factory installed extra Grab Loops and Strap Plates. Perfect for securing cargo, handles, mooring lines, etc.



Additional tie downs are a great way to customize your boat for specialized packing options, like carrying bikes or adding a stern grab line. We offer two types of extra tie downs either unattached (install yourself) or installed by the factory:

  • Grab Loop: A 3/4-inch nylon webbing loop bar tacked to a 3-inch diameter base. All Alpacka Series and Whitewater Series packrafts come standard with 4 bow grab loops and two stern grab loops.  The Cargo Series and Ultralight Series come standard with specialty tie downs depending on the model.
  • Strap Plate: A heavy duty 3-inch diameter fabric circle with two 1″ slots that you can thread straps through.  Strap plates are low profile and great for securing bikes, skis, fly rod cases, etc.
  • Lightweight Carrying Handles: Carrying handles are an easy way to carry your inflated boat on portages. Expedition models include two handles installed on the interior sides of the boat. All Cargo Hull models and the Caribou include a carrying handle installed on the bow.
  • Single D-Rings (Pair): Single D-Rings are ideal for self installing a backband. They are included standard with the retrofit backband kit.
  • Double D-Ringss (pair): Double D-Rings are ideal for attaching a backband and thigh straps they are included with a retro fit thigh strap kit

Notes: These kits are only for DIY installation only and do not include installation instructions. You should have experience installing permanent attachments to your packraft and how to locate the various attachment points if you purchase a self install kit.




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