drj0n bagworks DeWidget

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Probably the coolest bit of Bikepacking kit you never knew you needed…

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Have you ever used a near perfect piece of kit but thought to yourself ‘If only there was this thingy that helps make the thingy better’

Well this is exactly what the DeWidget is born out of the want for perfection in the backcountry, used in conjunction with a Revelate Designs gas tank or Mag tank the DeWidget provides bober stability on more modern bicycle cockpits.

Modern bikes have dinky stems and zero stack height making it nigh on impossible to run the Gas tank strap high enough to provide stability , the DeWidget replaces a spacer ring and can run on top of your stem giving you a place to secure the Gas Tank too, it also spins freely giving you bind free steering, you use the velcro strap that comes with your Gas tank cut it in half and make 2 small loops connected at 90 degrees, enabling connection of the DeWidget and Gas Tank.


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