Vargo Outdoors Bot Hanger

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Turn the BOT into the ultimate bush pot! The Titanium BOT Hanger easily slides onto either version of the BOT (not the BOT-700) to add an instant wire bail handle. Use it to suspend a BOT over a fire for tasty campfire cooking or dip it into any water source as a makeshift bucket. The titanium folding ring can withstand high amounts of heat yet folds in half for easy storage. Stainless steel bail wire securely keeps everything hung over the flames. So light you may forget it’s even in your pack!


 – Ultralight titanium folding ring folds down for compact storage
 – Stainless steel bail wire provides strong hanging security
 – Use it as a bail for cooking or bucket for scooping and hauling water
 – Extended tabs keeps wires away from the lid for easy removal


Weight: 15 g / 0.5 oz

Length: 48 cm / 19 in

Stainless steel


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