DeWidget Strap ‘Deck’ Large

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The Strap ‘Deck’ mounts on standard bottle bosses or any where you can think of by using extra straps and strap slots to strap it on!

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The Strap Deck mounts to standard bottle cage bosses with two M5 bolts. Button head are recommended to give the bolt head less chance of abrading whatever you choose to strap to the Deck.

The bolts holes allow some adjustability. The cages are offset to one end, either up or down – you choose.

Bear in mind that there are only two small bolts holding the load. So lighter items are recommended – leave the kitchen sink at home. A 26 oz water bottle weighs around 820g / 1lb 13oz – use this as a guide.

The slots are sized for the Voile straps which can either be looped just through the Strap Deck to give a clean look, or around the fork or frame tube the Deck is mounted to as well. Other straps will work fine, but the stretch and tackiness of Voile straps is recommended.

Please note Straps not included… yet

2 reviews for DeWidget Strap ‘Deck’ Large

  1. Derek

    How long is the Triple?

    • Andy Toop

      Hey Derek

      The triple is 182mm long

      Hope this helps


  2. Marco

    I only found measurements. How much do the different versions weight?

    • Andy Toop

      Good question… I’ll weigh them when I go to the shop later…..

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The strap decks are:

Large:              15cm long by 5 cm wide by 1 cm deep

Triple:             18.2 cm by 5cm Wide By 1 cm Deep