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Evening Workshop

Gears are one of the simplest systems on your bike, but they can also be one of the fiddliest to get right. We all know how annoying a crunchy, janky drivetrain is! The good news is that learning how to fix and maintain them isn’t rocket science, once you’ve been shown the ropes.

This evening workshop looks at identifying common probems, sourcing spare parts, and how to set up your gears after replacing a cable.

Join us for this hands-on introduction to maintaining and servicing your drivetrain, based from our workshop classroom in Aviemore. We provide the space, tools and equipment; all you need is a desire to learn. We’ll help you to build your knowledge and skills on a system-by-system basis, to the point where you can perform a range of common maintenance jobs, including basic replacement parts. Led by an experienced professional mechanic, our new workshop setting allows us to make use of demonstrations and practical exercises, because hands-on learning is always best!

Course info

  • The course will run from 1800 through to approximately 2030 in the evening. Please arrive 15 minutes beforehand to allow us to get started promptly.
  • If you want to bring your own bike along that’s fantastic, and we’ll use them to work on where possible. Be aware that depending on condition, we might advise learning on one of our own bikes during the evening.




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