Wheel Truing: Advanced

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Know your bike. Ride with Confidence.


Wheels that won’t let you down


Come down to the workshop and join this evening class on advanced wheel truing and tensioning — in this advanced class we introduce a few new tools and techniques for re-building a wheel’s tension and replacing a broken spoke. A straight, evenly-tensioned wheel will run smoother, be stronger, and stay that way longer, so learning this skill will help you to keep on top of one of the most important components on your bike. We want to provide a relaxed atmosphere where no question is too silly and you can take away the skills to look after your bike so that it can look after you.

What we cover:

  • Refresher on basic wheel truing
  • Assessing lacing pattern, spoke type, material and gauge.
  • De-tensioning the wheel and replacing a spoke
  • Re-tensioning the wheel from scratch
  • Assessing the ideal spoke tension and gauging even tension across the wheel
  • Finishing and dishing the wheel

Course info:

You can bring along your own, clean bike if you like, or use one of our provided wheels. We’ll provide everything else!

The course will run from 1800 to approx. 2030.


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