Wheel Building

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Know your bike. Ride with Confidence.


The secret ingredient is magic

Wheel building is often top of people’s wish lists when they talk about learning new mechanical skills. They say it’s a dark art, but in reality wheel building is one of the most satisfying things to do of an evening. Our wheel building course gives you a chance to lace up wheels and understand the crucial steps that go into designing and building your dream set of custom wheels. We want to provide a relaxed atmosphere where no question is too silly and you can take away the skills to look after your bike so that it can look after you.

Before joining our wheel building course, you must have attended the Wheel Truing: Advanced course.

What we cover:

  • Refresher on wheel truing
  • Assessing lacing pattern, spoke type, material and gauge.
  • Lacing up a 3-cross wheel
  • Re-tensioning
  • Assessing the ideal spoke tension and gauging even tension across the wheel
  • Finishing and dishing the wheel

Course info:

No need to bring along a wheel, we provide our own demo sets.

The course will run from 1800 to approx. 2030.


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